Double Date Packaging

Founded in 2012, Double Date Packing (DDP) is a fully-integrated grower, packer and shipper of Medjool Dates. With over 13 years of date farming experience, Stevco, Inc. had previously grown dates for other shippers, however owner Steve Gilfenbain was dissatisfied with how the dates were handled overall and felt he could make some improvements.

With an on-going commitment to quality and excellence and using innovative methods, DDP pays careful attention to detail in the date life cycle, from cultivation and growing to sorting, packing and shipping. The company’s date orchards are located in the Coachella Valley along with their vast new state-of-the-art facility.

The company has streamlined how this healthy fruit is handled and packaged. With a special focus on handling, DDP applies practical, yet inventive sorting and grading methods for its dates. Using custom-built machines combined with cutting edge technology, the company employs a unique sorting method that organizes the dates by four grades: fancy, extra fancy, large and jumbo. This separation and sorting means better selection and also better presentation, uniformity and consistency.

The company employs an expert staff and this team of dedicated professionals, along with a focus on quality and automation, makes DDP the industry leader it is today. Double Date Packing is proud to be a “green” company and the Coachella plant fully exploits energy-efficient solar energy.

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